Website Development

A sure shot technique to succeed in the online world is through the creation of a good website, one that is unique, appealing, creative and effective. One that’s sure to be crawled by Google and other popular search engines. Pearls Ocean promises to deliver timely and innovative website design and development services to clients across various industries.

Custom Websites to Suit Varying Needs

We understand that each client is different with unique business needs. Therefore, we give our clients free hand to decide what they want and how and when they want it. We listen to their ideas and then either offer suggestions for improvement or execute the client design. The end product is delivered within the promised timeframe.

Websites for All Budgets

We can develop all types of websites like informative sites, e-commerce sites, SEO-base site, social networking sites, and fintech solutions to suit different business needs and budgets.

Use of Latest Technology

Our skilled and experienced team members are up to date with the latest technologies in the market for website development. For instance, we follow the Agile Development process at work.This means that the entire project is divided into numerous tasks and progress on each of them is regularly updated to the client, while seeking continuous feedback.

All our web development services are based on the following technologies:

– Web Technology: Node JS Development, Angular JS Development, PHP Programming, Dynamic Web Designing, Mobile Responsive, and Python

– CMS (Content Management System) Technology: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla

– Ecommerce Technology: Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart

– Mobile Technology: Swift, jQuery Mobile, Ionic Development

Best Talent in the Industry

We hire a team that understands all about website development, knowing fully well that it’s not about mere designing a website. It goes way beyond it to ensure that the website is user-compatible, easily navigable, readable, and usable by the readers.

Multiple Language Service

All our website design and development services are offered in a number of Indian and foreign languages for the client to choose from as per requirement.

Static Website Creation

A static website is one whose web pages have fixed content and the same is visible to every visitor each time. It’s the most basic website model and also the simplest to design.

Some of the obvious advantages of going for a static website model with Pearls Ocean are speedy development, cheaper to build and host, easy indexing, low-cost maintenance, and lesser processing time from server to client.

Dynamic Website Building

As the name suggests, dynamic websites refer to those whose web pages, templates, scripts, and content keep changing. The content may either change with time of day or even for different users visiting a particular webpage. A dynamic site provides complete user control to make design changes and update the existing content when required.

Our Web Development Services

  1. Website Development
  2. Mobile App Development for Android, iOS, and Hybrid platforms
  3. Logos& Brochures

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