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Conversion of information from one language to another is essentially important to bridge the gap. The translation is the communication of a message from a source language to an end language. We, a pioneer of Translation services in India has consistently delivered the best quality translation, interpretation service.

If you wish to spread out your business in the global market, it’d really help you to know the local language of your market. That’s why the demand for translation services has recently increased. If you can communicate your ideas and services in the language of your target audience, you’re likely to get more business and achieve a higher rate of success.

Pearls Ocean offers professional and competent translation services to its clients the world over. Our highly motivated team can translate, transcribe, and interpret your business services in multiple languages within the promised timeline.

Our company understands that a single translation mistake can hamper your image in the market, resulting in a business loss for you. We, therefore, strive to deliver flawless, high-quality work.

We Commit:-

1. 100% accuracy.

2. On-time delivery with quality.

3. Full customer satisfaction.

4. 24*7 customer support.

5. Competitive price.

6. Talented, smart & hardworking translators.

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Why do you need translation services? Times have changed and in today’s era of cut-throat competition, the only way for your business to survive is to cross over from its comfort zone into other market areas. And here the prime problem you’re likely to face is a language barrier. To be able to connect with the local audience, it’s important to sell your ideas and services in their native language. A professional translation service provider can help here. They can translate all your business and legal documents, all information regarding your product/service, marketing ideas, etc., into the local language of your target market. This would help you …


What is localization? In simple words, localization refers to the process of translating a particular document into the local native language of a specific area to cater to the demands of the local market audience. Why is localization needed for your business? Your business is bound to succeed if it can manage to seep through even the remotest corners of your market. Localization services would greatly come in handy here – helping to localize your business so that it is able to speak the local language. If you can serve your audience in their native or preferred language of communication, your battle is …


Transcription services are a vital requirement for any business today operating within the national market or overseas. It essentially refers to the process of converting audio/video files into text format in the desired language of your target audience. Why is transcription required? Almost every industry – business, medical, legal, or the government sector – functions by organizing regular meetings, conferences, seminars and events to maintain contact with their clients. The proceedings of these are recorded for future reference. These recordings may either be very long or of poor sound quality. In …


Meaning of Subtitling Subtitles refer to the short texts displayed at the bottom (sometimes top) of the video to support its visuals. The text can either be a direct translation of the video visuals or present a concise summary or key highlights of the specific video. How Can SubtitlingHelp? The most immediate benefit of adding subtitles to a video is to enable the viewer to better understand it. The need for subtitling may arise under any of the following circumstances: The person viewing the video is hearing impairedThe person does not comprehend the language in which the video has been created The latter usually happens when the mother tongue of your …

Voice Over

Why Do You Need Voice Over? Voice over refers to the technique of using someone’s voice in the backdrop without showing the identity of the speaker. While this have long been used in the entertainment industry like in movies, TV series, and even TV commercials, their importance in businesses is now being steadily realized. Simply put, voice overs in business presentations, proposals, videos, commercials, etc. can help connect with the target audience better as well as present the idea/concept with great clarity. What Should be Taken Care of During Voice Overs? In this industry, there are only two things that matter – voice quality …

Content Development

Importance of Content for Your Business It’s a digital world; businesses are thriving on their online presence for the simple reason that everybody is online these days. The best place to reach them is online – social media platforms, online retail portals, and the like. For this, you need a strong and appealing website, and content is truly its backbone. Without good, accurate, and effective content, it’s difficult to attract potential customers, let alone make them stay for longer than a few seconds. On the other hand, content that is unique and engaging not just attracts and retains user attention but even makes them come back for more! And the …

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

What is DTP? The popular acronym for Desktop Publishing, DTP services are an essential need in every industry today to create publications for large or small-scale distribution. This service enables one to create documents by using software related to page layout. These documents may include pamphlets, catalogues, brochures, user manuals, and company newsletters. How does it Work? The page layout for each document can be done using a perfect combination of text and graphics. This is made possible through the help of software that enables you to provide a frame to the pages, wherein graphics and text can easily be placed in any desired position. …

Website Development

A sure shot technique to succeed in the online world is through the creation of a good website, one that is unique, appealing, creative and effective. One that’s sure to be crawled by Google and other popular search engines. Pearls Ocean promises to deliver timely and innovative website design and development services to clients across various industries. Custom Websites to Suit Varying Needs We understand that each client is different with unique business needs. Therefore, we give our clients free hand to decide what they want and how and when they want it. We listen to their ideas and then either offer suggestions for improvement or execute the client design. …

Human Resource

Translation service is crucial to every organization today. We understand the value of hiring a talented and experienced translator for this task. This is why Pearls Ocean can be your partner in recruitment service providing both fresh and experienced translators as per your requirement and budget. How We Work? We have a bunch of candidate profiles in our records, who are searching for an organization best suited to their work area. We will study your needs thoroughly before appointing translators for you. Just send us the details of the job and salary on offer. We will then help line up candidates for the interview. We even conduct a telephonic round with …